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Concealed carrying clerk stops teenage robbers armed with rifle (Ohio)

Just after midnight yesterday (Wednesday May 21, 2014), two teenagers entered the Sami Quick Stop in Struthers, Ohio and attempted to rob the store. They quickly found out that not everyone will give in just because you have a weapon.

There were two employees on duty - a clerk out front and a store manager in the back room. 17-year-old Ja’Braelyn Bunn and Kimani Hodges entered the store. Bunn then drew a modified rifle - sawed off barrel, sawed off stock, and for some reason the trigger guard removed - went behind the counter, and demanded money from the clerk.

The store clerk, a concealed carry license holder, drew his handgun and fired. Bunn was struck in the side and dropped the rifle as he fled the scene.

The 911 call sums it up well:
"I’m up at Sami’s. I am the manager here and we just got a guy come in here and try to rob us... we got his weapon and his bookbag."

The two teenagers ran across the street into a quiet neighborhood and were quickly apprehended by police. Bunn is being treated for his gunshot wound at St. Elizabeth Health Center while Hodges is in custody at Mahoning County Juvenile Justice Center.

Police are obviously calling the clerk's actions justified. "In the right situation, someone that is responsible and very knowledgeable with a weapon... they have the right to protect themselves," said Struthers Police Chief Tim Roddy.

To me, incredulity in the officers voice when dispatch tells him the store employees already have the suspects weapon in hand is priceless.

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