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When they yelled 'get the AR', four intruders ran - 1 got trapped in the bathroom (Indiana)

It's the exact scenario gun control advocates say "will never happen" to you - 5 intruders wearing masks, at least two of them armed, forced their way into a Fort Wayne, Indiana residence when the owner answered the door.

One of the intruders, Nathan L. Simmerson (pictured above) ran up the stairs to the second level of the house. And he ran into one of the residents who had armed himself with a handgun after hearing commotion downstairs. Simmerson only had a crowbar so he jumped into a bathroom and barricaded himself away from the resident and his handgun.

At the same time, the other four intruders were searching the lower level of the home and forced three of the residents to the ground.

What could have turned into a very ugly stand off ended when one of the victims being held on the lower level screamed out. The scream? For the man upstairs to grab his AR-15.

Even criminals and thugs can do basic math. While 5 armed intruders against 3 hostages and one armed resident seemed to be to the intruders advantage, Senor AR-15 and his 31 very speedy friends changed the equation. How did they react?

They hauled serious butt out the front door to safety and abandoned Simmerson still trapped in the upstairs bathroom.

Simmerson finally decided to try and run for it. He burst out the bathroom door, sans crowbar, and tried to flee. The four residents had no intention of seeing him get away. They tackled him to the ground and kept him there until police arrived.

So not only does an AR-15 have some advantages for home defense, the mere threat of it changed the balance of power for these five intruders. I guess AR's are even scarier to criminals than to gun grabbers - and that's a good thing.

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