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Two robbers in his store, a gun in his face; store owner fights back (North Carolina)

Memorial Day weekend and mattress sales go together like Forest and Jenny but these phony buyers only got return gunfire... and then some.

Around 2:30 yesterday (Sunday, May 25, 2014), two men walked into Wholesale Mattress in Charlotte, North Carolina. The men told the store owner they were interested in a mattress and seemed to be your typical customers.

Until one of them pulled out a gun, aimed it in the owners face, and demanded his cell phone and all the money in the store. The thugs told him they would kill him is he didn't comply.

The owner turned around to get the cash but... he didn't comply.

Instead, he grabbed his handgun and quickly spun back around, shooting the robber holding the gun to his head. Despite being wounded, the robber was able to return fire and missed the store owner. His accomplice fled the scene on foot.

When police arrived they placed the wounded robber into custody and rushed him to the hospital. No additional details have been released as of this writing.

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Posts: News / Two robbers in his store, a gun in his face; store owner fights back (North Carolina)

Posted By: angerisagift
05/26/14 02:06 PM

another person that uses a firearm to defend himself that is basically ignored by the mainstream media.SHOCKING.HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY.