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Thugs attack father and son having lunch in park, shots fired (New Mexico)

A New Mexico man and his son were sitting inside his vehicle eating lunch at Apodaca park in Las Cruces, New Mexico Thursday afternoon (May 22, 2014) when the current boyfriend of the boy's mother decided to be an asstard.

After spotting his girlfriends ex and their son, the boyfriend - identified by police as Giovanni Melero - decided to call his friend Freddy R. Lopez so they could cause trouble. Melero and Lopez met on the North side of the park, made a plan and drove towards the father and son.

Melero's F-150 pulled up on the drivers side while Lopez blocked the front of the vehicle with his Cadillac Escalade. The two troublemakers got out of their vehicle and began threatening the boy's father. At one point they tried to force their way into the vehicle.

The father drew his concealed .40 caliber pistol and shot Melero in the neck and quickly fled the scene.

Lopez briefly gave chase in the Escalade but abandoned his pursuit to check on the wounded Melero. He drove Melero to the hospital where he was treated and released. He turned himself in to police on Tuesday.

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