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Gun battle as man defends siblings from multiple attackers (California)

While the mass media spends their time turning a Hollywood psychopath into a celebrity, they'll completely ignore this story about another 22-year-old Californian with a gun. Unlike the jackass who went on a killing spree, this 22-year-old from California used his gun to defend his three siblings from multiple armed intruders.

"I can tell you... this was a gun battle," said Tulare County Sheriff Mike Boudreaux said, expressing praise for the man who defended his family. "He was in a fight for his life inside his own home."

Around 5:30 yesterday morning (May 27, 2014), a 22-year-old resident heard someone kicking down the door to his family's house. The man woke his siblings, ages 8, 13 and 18, and took them into another room with instructions to take cover while he armed himself with a handgun from the family safe.

The 22-year-old encountered two intruders and shooting started. Both intruders were hit by multiple gunshots. The 22-year-old was wounded as well, taking several rounds to the upper torso.

When deputies arrived they found one of the intruders dead in the driveway. The second intruder jumped into a waiting van and was driven by two other suspects to Keweah Delta Medical Center. A hospital security camera captured the image of the suspects arrival to the hospital (pictured above).

The van has been described as a gray 1990 Chevrolet Astrovan with license number 7CHR190. Police are asking anyone with information about the can or the suspects to call (800) 808-0488.

Kudos to the 22-year-old for defending his family in what is, quite simply, one of the worst situations one can be faced with.

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