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Marine interrupts his lunch to stop Gamestop armed robbery (Texas)

A United States Marine Corps combat veteran had to take a break from his lunch to stop an armed robbery in progress yesterday (May 29,2014).

The 28-year-old former Marine was having lunch at Quizno's in Houston, Texas when he witnessed two men put hoodies over their heads and bandannas over their faces before entering a Gamestop video game store. That was enough of a red flag for him so he went to his truck, grabbed his handgun from the his truck and took cover.

Inside, the robbers stole cash, video games, video game consoles, and robbed the clerk on duty. They fled the store thinking it was a smooth getaway.

That's where they ran into the combat veteran waiting for them. He raised his gun and ordered them to freeze while directing a witness to call 9-1-1.

One of the robbers started to raise his gun and shots were exchanged. As that robber jumped into his car to attempt to flee he was fatally wounded and died on the scene.

The other suspect fled on foot causing a brief lockdown of four nearby schools before he was apprehended at a nearby Sears store.

"We heard a pop, pop, pop," said John Richardson, who stopped at the shopping center to have lunch. "Right when we heard it we saw a young man. He stopped and started taking off his clothes. He took off a bandanna, he took off a hoodie, and then he proceeded to go along a fence line."

The former Marine was uninjured during the incident. Police say that has a concealed carry license.

Semper Fi, Devil Dog. Well done.

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Posts: News / Marine interrupts his lunch to stop Gamestop armed robbery (Texas)

Posted By: Michael
05/29/14 11:03 PM