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Woman opens fire on home invaders posing as police (Georgia)

Just after midnight this morning (May 30, 2014), an East Point, Georgia woman heard a knock on her door. The people on the other side of the door claimed to be East Point police officers.

The neighborhood has been hit by a string of burglaries, including one at a nearby apartment last night, so the woman was cautious. As she cracked her door open to see who was on the other side, the "police" tried to force their way inside her home.

However, this woman was not an easy victim. She had already armed herself with a handgun.

As they struggled at the door, one of the home invaders started to raise a gun on the woman. She fired first.

"I heard three gunshots," said neighbor Ramona Ferrell. "I knew it was gunshots. It was very close."

One of the three phony police intruders, a juvenile, was grazed in the head and buttocks. He fled the scene and police arrested him shortly after. The other two men got away.

"I'm glad she did have something," said Ferrell. "It's sad that you have to walk around as a female with a gun to protect yourself."

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