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Stabbed in the neck, homeowner opens fire (Iowa)

It started with a stranger knocking on the door of a quiet Coalville, Iowa home just after 6 o'clock Sunday morning (June 1, 2014). As is so often the case, the unexpected knock from a stranger turned out to be far more sinister than someone selling Avon.

As the homeowner opened the door, the stranger started by cutting him across the neck with a knife. He continued stabbing until the homeowner fought back.

Despite the attack the homeowner managed to get to his handgun and fire three rounds into the attackers torso.

The gunshot wounds sent the attacker fleeing to his car. He made it almost 5 miles before crashing into a ditch, where police found him shortly after. His wounds caused him to be airlifted to a nearby trauma center.

The homeowner's wounds were, considering the type of attack, relatively minor. He was taken to the local hospital where he was treated and released.