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Clerk who won hour long gunfight in March, loses second gun battle (Texas)

This story absolutely blows. Back in March we brought you this story about a store clerk and a one hour gunfight before police responded to the armed robbery call.

Sadly, that same store clerk was shot and killed in another armed robbery attempt turned gunfight just before midnight (June 1, 2014).

Three or four masked men backed their car into the parking lot of the Phillips 66 gas station, jumped out of the car and stormed the store. The clerk may not have been able to see their faces but he definitely saw their guns.

The clerk drew his concealed handgun and opened fire. An intense gun battle ensued. One of the armed robbers was wounded in the hail of bullets. The store clerk, 50-year-old Satesh Patel, was struck and killed.

"He was my buddy and that's why I came here," said trucker Joey Romero. "I didn't realize he was going to get killed like that, but a month ago , he shot another guy in the gas station."

Satesh left behind a wife and two college age children in India whom he sent money to every payday.

Police have recovered the vehicle used by the robbers and are still looking for the men involved.

Not every defensive gun use ends with the good guy winning. This attack reminds us that under multiple intruders, you can never be too well armed, too well trained, or too well prepared.

UPDATE: An arrest has been made is Satesh's murder. Read more here