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Car thieves caught in the act - 1 killed, 1 flees (Florida)

Two West Palm Beach, Florida criminals were rummaging through a parked vehicle around 12:45 in the morning Tuesday (June 3, 2014) when the homeowner spotted them. The homeowner armed himself and went outside to confront the criminals.

"I was in my room last night about 12:45 and I was working on my computer and heard a string of gunshots, 4 to 6 gunshots. That literally sounded right outside my bedroom door," said neighbor Greg Gonzales who called 911.

When the gunfire died down one of the burglar had fled the scene and the other, Aaron Francis Bayliss, was struck multiple times. Bayliss died at the scene.

Police say that Bayliss has an extensive criminal record including arrests for such high class crimes as going to door to door pretending to be collecting money for a holiday charity drive. Additionally, police are looking at nearby surveillance cameras to follow up on 8 additional burglaries reported earlier that night that they believe Bayliss was involved in.

West Palm Beach Mayor Jeri Muoio had this to say, "This gentleman was protecting himself and his family and I certainly understand the sentiment behind that."