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Burglar trapped when homeowner grabs shotgun, waits on crooks ATV (Michigan)

Talk about not taking a hint.

Just after 10 o'clock Monday morning (June 2, 2014), a Bay County, Michigan resident woke to find 19-year-old Daniel S. Hall inside his home.

The homeowner confronted Hall and asked him what the hell he was doing and Hall fled on a red Honda ATV. The only thing missing was a new pack of cigarettes. Deputies were called out and they began following the ATV tracks.

That's when dispatch received a call from another area homeowner saying he had Hall held at gunpoint. It seems the second homeowner, 57-year-old Mark A. Blehm, came home to find a red ATV parked in his driveway and his screen door cut open.

Blehm went into his garage to grab his shotgun and loaded a few shells in it. Armed with his shotgun, Blehm calmly took a seat on the red ATV and shouted "Where the fuck are you?". When no one answered, Blehm fired a round into the air. Hall quickly came out from behind the house and started claiming he was looking for his dog.

When police arrived to take Hall into custody they found 13 pills, 73 dollars, some chipped credit cards (from opening locks), and a brand new pack of cigarettes.

I guess running into one homeowner wasn't enough for this boy to learn his lesson.