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Gunman opens fire at Seattle Pacific University (Washington)

Update @4:28 PT: One of the wounded has arrived at Harborview Medical Center in critical condition, another has arrived in stable condition.

Police are reporting that a gunman armed with either a shotgun or a rifle opened fire Otto Miller Hall on the Seattle Pacific University Campus this afternoon.

Seven people are wounded including the gunman who is now in police custody.

The six victims of the attack have wounds varying from minor to life-threatening.

It was over half an hour before emergency medical crews could begin treating patients as there were reports of a second gunman loose in the building and police could not give EMT's access until the building was reported clear.

Members of the WNBA Seattle Storm were caught up in the lockdown because their practice facility is in the building next door.

Posts: News / Gunman opens fire at Seattle Pacific University (Washington)

Posted By: Michael
06/05/14 08:16 PM

thats really close to canada. we should count it.