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Resident gets tased, robber gets shot and killed (California)

Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies responded to a 'shots fired' call at the Royal Palms Mobile Homes Park just outside of Covina, California.

When deputies arrived they found Richard Alan Wurtz fatally wounded outside of a mobile home in the park.

According to investigators, Wurtz went to the mobile home park to collect some unidentified property from 31-year-old Steven McCabe according an agreement the two had. McCabe, a resident of the mobile home park, gave the property over to Wurtz. And then Wurtz decided he wanted more.

What started as an agreement turned into a robbery and Wurtz tased McCabe.

That's when McCabe drew his handgun and let loose. Wurtz was struck with multiple rounds and died at the scene.

"Wurtz came to collect some property that our victim was holding," Coleman said. But after obtaining the agreed-upon property, "(He) wanted more," the lieutenant said.

"He Tasered our victim," Coleman said. "The resident fired in self-defense."

The Wurtz family says that the story given to and by police is incomplete. According to the family, the history between McCabe and Wurtz was hostile and McCabe had recently stated that he was going to 'smoke that fool' referring to Wurtz.