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Bipolar man admits to felony, liberal site calls for gun control

"John Hokanson Jr. is bipolar. The 33-year-old has been involuntarily committed several times, in California and in Arizona, and he has been in court-ordered outpatient treatment. Yet no red flags were raised when he purchased a surplus Army rifle from a Big 5 Sporting Goods store in Phoenix."

That's how the article from the Daily Beast starts. Let's skip the fact that Big 5 doesn't sell surplus rifles because I'll write that off as gun control submissives who aren't lying, just ignorant.

And lying or just being wrong is a small issue in this article.

It seems that John lied on his Form 4473 that day by checking no on question 11f - which asks if you've ever been adjudicated mentally defective. What did John have to say for himself?

I make no excuses for it," he says. "I checked the box that said no and that was a lie." That one question should have disqualified him, but he signed the form, handed it to the clerk at the sporting-goods store, "and he called up wherever he called up, and it came back 'proceed with sale.' I walked out with the rifle in tow after about 20 minutes. Plus a box of ammunition."

So what does the liberal website make of a man who admits that he acquired his gun by committing a felony? It's not his fault.

You see, it's the government's fault for not keeping the databases more up to date. And if the databases were up to date? It still wouldn't be his fault.

You see, there's still this "gun show loophole" and he could have done that. He didn't. But he could of.

And, according to the Daily Beast, that's why we need more gun control - because criminals will lie and commit felonies. Of course, they never mention that John should be brought up on weapons charges for knowingly committing a felony.

It's unlikely the Obama administration will be prosecuting... Just saying.