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Man threatens to kill everyone in park; Armed father engages (Alabama)

"I was the only adult there, I feared for my children's lives, and the lives of the other children there. I was just a parent doing what a parent does."

Those are the words Kevin Weil had to say about the events in Lydia Gold Skatepark - a public park in Huntsville, Alabama - yesterday (June 10, 2014). So what happened?

A wanna-be photographer was taking some slutty pictures of two scantily clad women at a public skate park when Kevin, at the park with his two sons, asked him if that was appropriate in a park full of children. You know you can't disrespect a man when he's pretending to be a real photographer.

So the wanna-be went off on the dad, retreated to his vehicle and came back with a TEC-9.

"He walked straight toward everybody and said, 'I will kill everyone here,'" said Kevin. "He swept (the gun) across everyone, including the girls who were with him. Everyone was terrified."

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Seeing the gun and hearing the man scream sent most of the park's patrons running for cover. Kevin's 9-year-old fled towards Historic Huntsville Depot while his 6-year-old ducked into an empty swimming pool used for skate tricks.

That's when Kevin, carrying only a pocket knife, turned into a hero. Kevin started walking toward the armed man and commanding him to put the weapon down and telling him to surrender.

Remarkably, the armed man started backing up all the way to the parking lot. He never stopped yelling threats but he did stop waving the gun at everyone in the park - by keeping it leveled at Kevin's chest.

When Kevin was close to his car he made his move - he popped the trunk and grabbed his .40-caliber Glock. He repeated his command for the man to drop the gun and added a call for someone to call 9-1-1.

Kevin said the man ducked behind a maroon Ford Excursion with tinted windows.
With his field of view blocked, Kevin shot out the windows and approached the mans vehicle.

"He's still not presenting his hands or weapon so I shot down and low. At no point did he ever drop the weapon or put his hands up to surrender," said Kevin. "He made it much harder than it had to be."

Police say the man was struck with one round and then tried to jump into another car with the "models" he had been taking pictures of. The girls jumped out as the man tried to flee.

Kevin shot out the tires of the vehicle.

"I didn't want to kill this guy, but he was not listening," said Kevin, who. "Finally, he surrenders and shows me his hands."

Kevin told reporters that the first officers to arrive were calm and professional. He was briefly detained and released while the other man was taken to the hospital for treatment and placed under arrest.