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Thief gets lawnmower, Homeowner get shotgun (Georgia)

"All I got to advise you is you better be glad you didn't come in the house because that's where you would have been laying at," that's what Georgia resident Waylon Griner had to say after his encounter with a thief.

It was early Sunday morning (June 8th) when Waylon says he woke up to someone, "Ringing the doorbell two or three times, and once I got up, I came into the hallway and didn't see no one".

When Waylon got to his door, "I noticed a white male coming out from my tractor shed, he walked back to his vehicle. So, I said let me go get my phone and videoed him, because I said he's up to something. He went back to my tractor shed and that's when I realized he's committed, he's fixing to steal something."

Waylon saw the thief loading his lawnmower into a truck. Having been robbed by two teenagers just six months ago, Waylon wasn't going to be a victim again. He grabbed his shotgun and snuck up behind the thief.

"He had already loaded the mower in the truck. That's when I approached him from behind and told him to get on the ground." With the thief at gunpoint, Waylon called 911 and waited for the deputies to arrive.

After speaking to his neighbors it turned out that the thief had gone door to door seeing who was home - either Waylon took too long to answer or the thief got impatient. According to Waylon, "Only thing you can do for somebody like that is pray for them and hope they get their life straightened out."