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Store owner holds burglar at gunpoint with .22 caliber handgun (Minnesota)

"Something has got to happen. This is ridiculous for people to start doing this stuff. I hate to say it, but maybe somebody needs to get shot once in awhile. Maybe they’ll stop breaking into people’s houses, because they break into people’s homes quite a bit here."

It was just after 2 o'clock Father's Day Morning (June 15th) when Kert and VeAnn Wright woke from sleep to hear noises in their store upstairs. Kert and VeAnn own Wright's Consignment Store in Red Lake Falls, Minnesota and live in the finished basement below.

Kert grabbed his Ruger handgun and went upstairs to confront the burglar. He was struck across one arm with a flashlight and then the stopped the burglar in his tracks with what was in his other hand.

"That's a 22 semi-automatic Ruger. As fast as you pull the trigger it will shoot 10 shots. I grabbed him and threw him down here on the floor. I got on top of him and said don’t you move and I said a few other choice words I shouldn't repeat," Kert said.

VeAnn told reporters, "I came to the telephone and called 9-1-1 and stayed on there until the cops showed up. They were out in the other room. I could hear him hollering, telling him to sit down."

Kert said he never put his finger on the trigger as the burglar complied with his orders and never seemed like much of a threat.

My first thought when reading the story was that Kert didn't fire because there's no way he was going to find more .22LR to replace whatever he shot.