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Man attacks woman with baseball bat, gunfight ensues (Indiana)

Wendell Vanbuskirk, an Indianapolis man, got drunk and was fighting with his fiancee at a family cookout for Fathers Day. He was asked to leave and agreed.

Just after midnight (June 16th) he came back to the house with a vengeance. Vanbuskirk pulled up to the house with two friends in his truck and a baseball bat in his hand. He approached his fiancee's mother and began beating her with the bat.

Her husband, Quincy Franklin, saw the attack, drew his gun, and shot Vanbuskirk.

That's when the two men in the van shot back at Franklin.

When the gunfire stopped, Vanbuskirk was dead and two others were wounded.

In addition to being beaten by Vanbuskirk, Lisa Farley was shot in the head. She was transported to Eskenazi Health center in critical condition.

One of the people in the van, identified by police as 34-year-old Aridith Curbeaux, was also hit in the head and shoulder areas and was taken to IU-Health Methodist in critical condition.

The second man in the van is identified as Joshua Curbeaux. Police believe the two accomplices are Vanbuskirk's nephews.

No arrests have been made and the investigation is ongoing. Police do not suspect Franklin of any crime because he was acting in defense of his wife and himself. One or both of the Curbeaux's could face criminal charges once the investigation is completed.