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Bodyguard Blanket slapped by DOJ for lying about testing

For those of you unfamiliar with the Bodyguard Blanket and the manufacturer's fear mongering, let's start with a brief explanation.

Bodyguard Blanket is a bright orange kevlar blanket that the manufacturer wants to put in schools to "protect the children".

Nevermind that it's only rated against handgun rounds when the school shootings they reference in their smarmy videos were done with rifles.

Nevermind that it's neon orange so that whole "Run. Hide. Fight." recommendation goes out the window. You can't hide when you're covered in a neon orange yoga mat.

Nevermind that it doesn't even cover small children, based on their own photos and videos.

Nevermind that it is priced at $1,000 per child and you could plate an entire classroom and it's door in AR-500 steel plate for less.

What you really should mind is that the company isn't just a group of fear-mongerers, they're also liars according to the Department of Justice. DOJ ordered Body Blanket to stop claiming that the product went through a ballistic projectile test from the National Institute of Justice.

You see, the company has been saying that their product passed the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) testing for Level IIIA protection. But there's one little problem... it didn't.

According to Chuck Wagner, the Department of Justice's Deputy Director of Public Affairs. "The NIJ only certifies the results of ballistic tests, and these blankets never went through that process."

"It would be like a food company who says they're organic, versus one who is certified organic," Wagner said. "You can't compare a blanket to body armor, and potential buyers need to know the difference"

As you can guess, I'm not a fan of the product to begin with. I think it's ineffective, pointless, and a massive waste of money for schools with limited resources. Now that we know the company also plays loose with the truth hopefully schools won't be baited into wasting their limited resources and will find better alternatives.

You can see the video Bodyguard Blanket made pandering to the basest fears here: