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It's not Grand Theft Auto V, kid. Criminal shot while being a criminal (Georgia)

A Macon, Georgia car thief started believing real life was Grand Theft Auto V. He was wrong.

18-year-old Jarvis Brooks and 17-year-old Jashayla Finney stole a Honda Prelude early Tuesday morning (June 17th). It seems they got tired of the Prelude and, just like in the video game, they decided to "trade up" by stealing a different car.

They found the car they wanted to steal, pulled the Honda up nearby, and approached the car. Unlike the game, some citizens pay attention before you commit the crime.

The homeowner heard noise in front of his house, saw the suspects outside, and grabbed his handgun. As he came outside yelling at the two to stop and leave, Brooks turned and the homeowner heard a loud bang and saw a flash of light.

You see, since police didn't find a weapon they won't say Brooks shot at the homeowner .. but he did.

The homeowner returned fire causing Brooks and Finney to flee in their original stolen car - no upgrades this time. During the encounter, Brooks was struck in the back.

What does a badass hardcore criminal like Brooks go when he gets shot playing gangsta? He went home to mom and she drove him to the hospital.

Of course, police were happy to arrest both he and Finney and filed multiple charges on each.