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Son defends mother from drunk, abusive boyfriend (Tennessee)

A Memphis, Tennessee man was taken into custody and released after shooting his mother's boyfriend Tuesday night (June 17th).

The mother's boyfriend, Tony Hardin, was berating his live in girlfriend and her son. Hardin was drunk and took an argument to the next level when he grabbed a hammer and a wrench.

He then chased the woman and her son and threatened to beat them to death.

As the mother escaped, her son grabbed a handgun and followed to protect her. As Hardin gave chase, the son fired several shots and struck Hardin at least once.

Despite being wounded, Hardin made it to a neighbors front porch and collapsed.

"He was laying out there in the yard, he had been to the door," said John Booker, another neighbor. "Blood all over the walkway, on the doorpost."

One of the resident's of the house, 21-year-old Lachelle Boga, drove home to find a bloody Hardin in her yard, police everywhere, and a bullet in her mailbox. Of course, Boga didn't care about her neighbors safety, only how guns are bad. "Why you shooting at innocent people’s houses? You don’t know who is home. Children be at home, that’s reckless, said Boga.

As if the son was shooting at innocent people's houses rather than the murderous, drunk boyfriend who threatened to kill him and his mother. It's incredible what a lifetime of anti-gun propaganda will make someone think.

Hardin was taken to the hospital where he was treated and placed under arrest for multiple aggravated assault charges.