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Hair salon owner hears intruders, grabs a phone and a gun (Ohio)

The owner of Studio 154 Family Hair Care was at the business around 5 o'clock yesterday morning (June 23rd) to work on some plumbing issues the building had been experiencing.

He heard noises and realized there were multiple people attempting to break into his salon and called 911.

Dispatcher: 911, what is your emergency?

Caller: Yeah, I got someone breaking into my building.
Dispatch: Okay, what is your address?
Caller: One fifty.... wait a minute.
Dispatch: Are you in Prospect?
Caller (whispering): yes
Dispatch: Okay, is it happening right now?
Dispatch: Units, I'm still on the line with my caller but... he's not talking back.
Dispatch: I'm not sure if he's wanting to be quiet because he doesn't want them to know he knows or what's going on.

And that's when gunshots rang out.

The owner shot a 17-year-old in the leg while his buddies fled the scene. Police caught up to the two accomplices as they arrived on scene and placed them into custody. The wounded teenager made it to a nearby house and the residents called police to come get him.

The wounded teen is expected to make a full recovery and all three have been charged with breaking and entering.