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Infant unharmed as robbers attack mother; Father returns fire & wounds 1 (Iowa)

Two men kicked in the door of a Des Moines, Iowa home Monday afternoon (June 23rd). 32-year-old Tyree Lee Young was armed with a handgun while his accomplice was armed with a lead pipe.

Young put his handgun to the head of one of the resident's and demanded money. An 18-year-old woman who was visiting the house jumped up, exited the house and tried to run away. She was chased down and assaulted by the home invaders.

The woman's boyfriend, Deshawn Vandyke, was waiting in a car at the front of the house. Also in the car was the couple's infant daughter.

Seeing his girlfriend attacked, Deshawn exited the car, drew his handgun and fired at the attackers. Young was struck twice in the chest. Young managed to returne fire and grazed Deshawn's leg.

Both criminals fled the scene and authorities quickly caught up to Young. He was taken into custody and transported to the hospital for treatment. The other man escaped the scene but police have identified him and are actively searching for him.