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Armed black belt with a handgun stops known fugitive (Tennessee)

David Goode was a known fugitive whose face had been on the local news in Bradley County, Tennessee lately. Sunday night (June 22nd), he picked the wrong house to target.

Goode knocked on Mark Howard's door. Mark is a black belt and has been teaching martial arts for 18 years. Mark immediately recognized Goode from the recent reports and prepared for conflict... he grabbed his handgun.

"As I opened the door, I pulled it out. I said, 'freeze!," Mark told reporters."He said, 'Look, I've just got a knife on my side.' Well, that to me, is a threat."

Goode backpedaled into the yard and Mark had a feeling he would run for it so he fired a single warning shot at the ground.

"He was standing right here and you can see where my shot fired. I knew exactly where I was putting it," says Howard - who also said that Goode thought he was wounded. "A rock shot up and hit him on the leg and he jerks and he jumps down and starts screaming, 'You shot me! You shot me!' And I knew I didn't shoot him."

Mark said his martial arts training kicked in, "When he sat down, I said, 'Roll over.' My training. This is stuff that we go over and over and over. And so when he rolled over I said, 'Put your hands behind your back!' And he put his hand up and I grabbed the thumb and I grabbed the other thumb and when I did, I chicken-winged this arm, put this knee in the back of this bicep."

A reporter asked Mark if Goode just knocked on the wrong door. Mark's answer is perfect, "No. He knocked on the right door. That's the way I look at it. If he knocked on the wrong door, someone would have been hurt."