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Thief shot and killed by neighbor after attacking elderly man (Pennsylvania)

Sounds like that neighbors getting more than a fruitcake at Christmas time.

Florencio Roman-Quinones attacked a senior citizen in front of his own house around 10p.m. Thursday night (June 26th). Roman-Quinones stole the elderly man's jewelry and car keys before abruptly leaving the area.

Because his keys had been stolen the senior citizen was outside keeping an eye on his car. Around 2a.m. Roman-Quinones and an accomplice, identified as Christopher Vazquez, returned to the home. Police believe they were there to take the vehicle.

The senior citizen said he was going to call the police and was immediately attacked by Roman-Quinones. Vazquez quickly joined in on the assault. Hearing the commotion, a neighbor yelled at the men to stop the attack. They didn't listen.

The neighbor fired single shot and struck Vazquez in the chest.

Vazquez staggered to the passenger seat of his car, Roman-Quinones jumped into the driver's side and fled the scene. A police officer witnessed the vehicle speeding the wrong way on a one-way street and gave chase. The chase ended at the emergency room entrance.

Vazquez died in the emergency room and Roman-Quinones was placed under arrest.