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'Batman' robber runs when elderly woman mentions shotgun (Michigan)

You know how I know you're not Batman? Because this isn't a comic book and you ran when you heard the word shotgun.

According to the Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office an elderly woman was feeding birds in her yard around 6:30 in Friday morning (June 27th). As the woman fed the birds, an unknown man wearing a Batman mask walked up to her and put his arm around her.

"Batman" started guiding the woman towards the backdoor of her house and asked if her husband was still sleeping.

When the woman replied that her husband was up in the bedroom with his shotgun, "Batman" fled the yard. As he jumped the fence he apologized to the woman and said he just needed money for his family.

And that's just a lie. Everyone knows Batman's parents are dead and he's really rich. You know, it's just possible that this guy wasn't the real Batman.