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Thug gets gun from car, concealed carrier gets gun from holster; CCW wins (Washington)

It started with an family get together near a pond in Yakima, Washington Saturday evening (June 28th).

It seems a 28-year-old man who also happened to be in the park took exception to the get together and had been trying to pick fights with various family members. As another family member arrived, the 28-year-old threatened to shoot him and then said he was going to his car to get his gun.

He did.

He returned towards the party with his gun in his hand. As he raised the gun, he learned a hard lesson about why they call it concealed carry.

The man who had been threatened holds a valid concealed pistol license. He drew his concealed handgun and fired three rounds into the aggressor.

Neither man was identified by name but police did say the aggressor was taken to the hospital and required surgery.