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Two drunk Russian martial artists vs. one armed American (Virginia)

Two Russians pull up to a bar. No, really, that's how this one starts.

Okay, so they drove up to valet at Vanquish, a restaurant / cigar lounge / nightclub in oh-so-trendy Richmond, Virginia. The Russians, Phillip Nikolenko and Georgiy A. Gapanovitch, drove up to valet and waited. And waited. The two men were unaware that valet was no longer being attended.

Meanwhile, Quinn E. Hazelwood had pulled up behind them in his truck. After growing impatient, words were exchanged between the two cars. After parking, the three men were standing in line waiting to get in. At one point, Nikolenko slapped Hazelwood on the back of his head.

Nikolenko and Gapanovitch drank for hours at the club in celebration of Victory Day, marking the surrender of Nazi Germany to the Soviet Union in World War II.

When Hazelwood left the club for the night, the Russians followed him home. Nikolenko and Gapanovitch caught up to Hazelwood as he got in an elevator to get up to his 7th floor apartment.

The "two extremely intoxicated martial artists" attacked Hazelwood inside the elevator. Hazelwood drew his concealed revolved and shot Gapanovitch twice inside the elevator and Nikolenko twice after the elevator reached the seventh floor and the melee spilled into the hallway.

Gapanovitch took a graze wound to one ear while the second round entered his chest and traveled down into his leg. He told police he has no recollection of what happened after the gunshot to his chest. Tests revealed his blood-alcohol level was .29 so I'm impressed he can remember anything about the night at all.

Nikolenko was shot once in the throat, striking the carotid artery, and once in the face. He died at the scene. His blood-alcohol level was .26 - more than three times the legal limit yet still lower than his comrade.

Hazelwood was arrested and charged with manslaughter and malicious wounding.

Thankfully, Manchester General District Court Judge Tracy Thorne-Begland saw through the trumped up charges, "Mr. Hazelwood was ultimately entitled to defend himself. I don’t see a manslaughter and I don’t see a malicious wounding at this point. Both cases are dismissed."