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Woman catches burglar holding TV, shoots him with a pellet gun (Pennsylvania)

If you watch the video below it will hurt your head. It's clear this woman doesn't know much about firearms - or even what a firearm actually is. The phrase "22 pellet airsoft with exploding capsules" is said in all seriousness.

Sandra Norris came home Sunday night (June 29th) to find a robber in her Sunbury, Pennsylvania home holding her 50" flat screen television.

"I opened the door and saw him holding the TV," she said. "I had my gun around the corner and I grabbed it and started yelling. He looked at me and he didn't drop the television so I fired off a (warning) round and then I shot him in the leg. I’m a good shot."

The warning shot Sandra fired? That was into her own ceiling. The second shot, however, did strike the burglar in the leg and according to Sandra, "He was screaming, he ran through the kitchen and out the back door to the alley. He left a trail of blood behind."

Police are searching for a tall, thin black male who was wearing a black hoodie, jeans and tan boots. Local hospitals have been notified in case the suspect goes for treatment of his 22-pellet-airsoft-exploding-capsule wound.