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Smash & grab robbers have sledgehammer, employee has handgun (Kentucky)

An alert concealed carrier was able to stop a robbery at work yesterday (July 1st).

Three men wearing hoodies entered Castle Jewelry in Lexington, Kentucky and made their way to a display case of Rolex watches. The store manager was immediately suspicious of the men given the day's temperature was in the low 90's. Not exactly hoodie weather.

"Our general manager and the owner were immediately paying attention," store employee Ashley Lockridge said.

"They were just standing around for a little while and all of a sudden one of them pulled out a sledgehammer and smashed a case and was trying to grab stuff. And the crew of the Castle was on them. They had their guns ready, they knew something was happening, too. And had them on the ground and waited for the cops. It was pretty intense," described Waylon Cole, a customer.

The store manager pulled a handgun from his pocket and held all three men at gunpoint while another employee grabbed a golf club and called 911.

Police arrived and took all three men into custody. Detectives are researching if there's a link between a recent smash and grab robbery at another Lexington jeweler and this incident.