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Teen robbers flinch, run when store owner pulls out shotgun (California)

Incompetence bothers me. Whatever you choose to do for a living, do it well. Two criminals may need to pick a new career after their display of stupidity last Friday (June 27th).

The two suspects entered a Fresno, California jewelry store and acted like regular customers until one of the men drew a handgun, racked the slide, and pointed it at the store clerk. Why did he rack the slide? Because it's what all the cool kids do in the movies, duh.

With the store clerk held at gunpoint, the second suspect attempted to jump the counter. Key word: attempted. He smacked face first on the counter and walked around the counter instead.

Sitting in the back room with his wife and toddler, the store owner heard his clerk yell that they were being robbed. He grabbed his pump action shotgun and went to help.

While you can't see the store owner on the security footage, you can see the robber's reactions. The suspect behind the counter immediately ducked down and tried to take cover at the end of the counter. Police say he yelled for his partner to shoot the owner and clerk.

The partner didn't shoot but he did visibly flinch at the moment he saw the shotgun. He then appears to say he's sorry before both suspects ran away.

Jose Llamas, the store owner's brother said, "I think they (the criminals) were very lucky. I would have been shooting them out the door."

Police are following several leads and believe both suspects are minors. From their reactions, I believe the armed suspect is at home doing something like this: