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Drunk customer starts fights, armed store manager ends them (Texas)

It was 9:15 last Thursday night (June 26th) when a drunk man entered a Shell station in Harris County, Texas near Houston.

"He went in the store, knocked a few things over. The clerk had asked him to leave and he refused. The clerk then called the manager," said Lt. William Gray, Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

"One customer started fighting with another customer and then the manager got in it,” said Larry Grant, a witness who took photos as events unfolded.

Unable to get the man to leave, the manager went to his car and grabbed his handgun. When he returned with the gun in his hand, the drunk decided he would leave the store.

Once outside the store however, the drunk pulled what witnesses described as a box cutter and lunged at the store manager. In fear for his life, the store manager shot the drunk in the stomach.

Ranard Hardman, a customer at the Shell gas station said, “It could have been the other way around. He could have been in the hospital or dead right now. It’s what happens with all the craziness going on."

Authorities arrived and transported the drunk to Ben Taub hospital in critical condition. The store manager was taken in for questioning but no charges are expected.