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Thief grabs rims and a lawnmower, employee grabs a rifle (Texas)

Joe's Used Cars is an Amarillo, Texas dealership that has become a favorite target of local criminals. In the last few weeks Joe's was robbed repeatedly. Each time police would come out, fill out a report, and go on their way.

With police unable to respond in time or prevent crime, the dealership's owner (I'm assuming his name is... Joe) and several employees began taking turns sleeping overnight at the business. Shortly before 4:30 Saturday morning (July 5th), the employee who was staying that night woke to noises coming from the shop area.

The employee grabbed his rifle and went to investigate.

What he found was a robber in the process of stealing 5 rims and a lawnmower through a hole that had been cut in the chain link fence around the store. Shockingly, the robber wasn't as interested in stealing once he was looking down the barrel of a rifle.

Police arrived to find the robber still at gunpoint and took him into custody. The robber went to jail while the store employee went back to sleep.