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Teen defends mother from attacker, exchanges gunfire with mom's ex-boyfriend (Tennessee)

Connor Brush recently graduated from Station Camp High School near Hendersonville, Tennessee as a co-captain of the football team but I'm pretty sure he never planned on becoming a hero off the field as well.

Around 8p.m. Sunday (June 6th) a man named Brian Davidson forced his way into the home Connor shares with his mother, Shawna Brush, and his two younger siblings.

Davidson is Shawna's ex-boyfriend and the father to the two younger children. The couple's 11-year relationship had disintegrated over the last year and Davidson had begun stalking Shawna. Police records show numerous calls to the house over the last year leading up to his June 20th arrest for aggravated burglary, aggravated assault, stalking and possession of a weapon.

When Connor realized Davidson was in the home, he quickly grabbed his gun to protect his mother and siblings. When the two came face to face, a full blown gunfight broke out. Shawna took that opportunity to flee the home with the two younger children.

When Hendersonville police arrived on the scene Connor and Davidson were still exchanging gunfire. When police entered the home, they found Davidson dead on the floor - struck once from Connor's handgun and once from a self-inflicted gunshot though authorities say it's unclear which was the fatal shot. More than 15 rounds were fired in the exchange.

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"There were multiple gunshots exchanged and we're going to let the police medical examiner decipher what happened with those gunshots," said Detective Ryan.

Shawna and Davidson were due back in court on Monday for a hearing on extending an Order of Protection (restraining order). Police believe that may have been the trigger for Davidson's attack on the family.

Thankfully, Connor was there to protect his family since we all know a restraining order is just a piece of paper.