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Masked robber flees when he sees armed security (Georgia)

A Houston, Texas area adult novelties store had been robbed five times by two robbers in the last 9 months. The store owner was fed up with it and brought an employee on board to work the door. On Wednesday (June 2nd), that decision saved the store from yet another robbery.

Just after 8:30 footage shows a man wearing a "Scream" mask approaching the store. Joseph Watkins, the man hired by the store to work door security at the store saw the man in the mask approach and then open the door.

"And then I looked down and saw the gun", said Joseph. The gun was in the robber's right hand, and he was raising it as he opened the glass door. Instead of the pushover robbery of his previous three visits, he found Joseph already quickly drawing his firearm.

"I think it shocked him when he opened the door and saw me," Joseph said.

The man shot once toward Joseph as he spun around and sprinted away. Joesph told reporters, "I know the shot went off, and it went in my direction, but luckily the door was closing, and it hit the door.... I just think I was blessed."

So what kept the robber from being shot, despite Joseph telling reporters he tried to pull the trigger? Joseph said, "The only thing that saved this guy, literally, was my gun was on safe at that instant."

Joseph was saved by poor shooting from the robber, and the robber was saved by poor weapons manipulation from Joseph.

Do you carry a weapon with a manual safety and do you train to draw quickly while manipulating the safety?