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WW2 veteran gets gun, stops tenant who kicked down door (North Carolina)

"He'd threatened to kill me 2-3 other times over the last 12 months," said Calvin Ray. "So I wasn't taking any chances of him killing me after busting my door open and coming in on me."

Saturday evening (July 12th) Jeffrey Baylon Mitchell of Wake Forest, North Carolina went over to the home of his 89-year-old landlord Calvin Ray, a World War II veteran, to complain about an air conditioning unit taking too long to repair.

On Friday, Mitchell had told Calvin that the A/C wasn't working in his mobile home. A repairman came on Saturday to repair the unit but Mitchell told Calvin it still wasn't working. When the repairman returned to the scene Mitchell began yelling to the point that the repairman left without looking at the unit.

Mitchell headed over to Calvin's home. When Calvin saw Mitchell through the peephole, he knew it was going to be trouble.

"I went back and got my gun," he said. "And came back up here. Next thing I knew he backed back and kicked the door open, broke all that, and said 'I'ma get you.' So I let him have it and I shot him."

Mitchell's 12-year-old son heard the gunshot, ran over, and saw his father wounded before authorities arrived.

Calvin was taken into custody and later released because he was acting in self defense.