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'That's the price you pay when you victimize a woman who has a concealed carry permit.' (Wisconsin)

A 15-year-old carjacker pressed his luck one too many times.

The 15-year-old Milwaukee, Wisconsin carjacked Claudaire Motley. When Claudaire floored the car and started to flee, he was shot in the face The bullet went through Claudaire's jaw but he managed to drive himself to a nearby hospital and get treatment.

The very next day, the 15-year-old attempted another carjacking. This time, it was a woman in her own driveway. Yet again, his would-be victim refused to give in. This time, however, he picked the wrong victim.

The woman was a concealed carry license holder. She drew her gun and shot the 15-year-old, paralyzing him instantly.

"It is too bad, but like they say, 'We reap what we sew.' You know, he decided to pick up a gun and play a game that, that's the outcome," Claudaire told reporters.

Claudaire's wife Kimberly had her own take on the events, "They were wounds that occurred based on his bad acts. And so had he not tried to rob a woman from behind like a coward, then this wouldn't have happened to him."

Police believe the teenager is part of a much larger carjacking ring that's been targeting the city.