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Burglar tries to victimize elderly man again, gets shot, offers to return stolen shotguns (Texas)

After being burglarized four times in the last several weeks, including having two shotguns stolen just a couple of days ago, 79-year-old Felipe Salazar started sleeping with his handgun by his side in his San Antonio, Texas home.

Just before 1 o'clock Tuesday morning (July 15th), Felipe was startled from sleep to the sounds of someone inside his home. Expecting his brother to come over, he initially thought nothing of it until a man entered his bedroom.

Felipe grabbed a flashlight and saw a man in his early twenties - definitely not his brother.

He quickly grabbed his gun and opened fire, striking the intruder three times in the leg and pelvis. The intruder dropped to the ground and Felipe held him at gunpoint.

Felipe told reporters that something (spidey-sense?) told him the intruder was the same man who broke in just days prior and took his shotguns. That intuition was proven right when the man said an accomplice "got your shotguns if you want them back."

No thanks. "I didn’t want to take a chance leaving him – he might get up and go," he said, explaining why he said no about the shotguns.

When authorities arrived, paramedics transported the intruder to the hospital in critical condition while police took him into custody and are preparing charges.

Of course, Felipe will not be facing any charges.

What would you have said if an intruder admitted he had stolen your shotguns just days earlier and could get them back for you?