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Armed homeowner confronts armed felons... while nude (Washington)

Another day, another naked homeowner stopping armed criminals. Not a sentence I ever imagined I'd be writing. It was last Wednesday that we had a burglar apologize before running and jumping out of a window in Texas when confronted by a naked, tattooed homeowner with a gun.

Last Friday (July 11th), a couple of thugs named Christopher Meegan and Adolfo Huerta attacked a couple at the Days Inn hotel in Everett, Washington. The two "men" kicked in the door to room 241 and Huerta held a sawed off shotgun to the head of the man in the room while Meegan held a pistol and demanded they turn over money.

When the couple didn't comply fast enough Meegan pistol whipped the man, knocking him to the ground and cutting his head. Huerta then put the shotgun to the woman's face. She told the men the only money they had was in her purse. Meegan and Huerta left with two hundred dollars and drove off in the couple's GMC Yukon.

While police were taking reports from the couple, dispatch received a call from a nearby homeowner named Steve Winnie of two armed men in an SUV who had pulled into his property.

Steve's dog began barking erratically and he knew something was wrong so he immediately grabbed his gun. He looked outside and saw the two men - Meegan and Huerta - armed on his property.

"I grabbed my pistol and got the drop on them and I took a .45 caliber Glock from one and a sawed off 12 gauge from the other," Steve told KOMO. "He was probably surprised I didn't have anything on, but the gun was an even bigger surprise."

Once the thugs dropped their weapons they fled to a nearby Public Storage where they tried to steal the manager's car before police arrived and arrested them.

Steve admits he, "made a lot of mistakes, I just think they made more mistakes than I did and that's the reason I'm alive today."

Asked what would have happened if he hadn't had his handgun, "I'd be dead. They just held up two people, stuck guns in their face and pistol whipped them over a couple hundred bucks."

Care to play "guess their criminal record"? Both are repeat felons - Huerta is a six-time felon while Meegan is a nine-time felon.

Wait a minute... these guys couldn't have had guns. It's illegal for felons to possess a gun and, if I've learned anything from Moms Demand Action and Michael Bloomberg, it's that all you have to do is make a law and people immediately comply. Come to think of it, we should make robbery illegal - that would solve the problem right there.