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Good Guy with a Gun: Samaritan sees stabbing, stops car, draws gun (Florida)

Yesterday morning (July 16th) a good guy with a gun saved a total stranger. I know, I know - it never happens. Just ask Moms Demand Action, right?

Just after 8 o'clock in the morning 65-year-old Donald Sacco was getting off the bus in front of the Taft Community Center in Orange County, Florida when he was approached by a man identified as Thomas Thorpe. As Sacco's friends watched from inside the center, Thorpe pulled a knife and began stabbing him.

"He just got off the bus and this guy asked him for some money or something. He couldn't give it to him so he stabbed him," said Bob Cumby, one of Donald's friends.

A stranger who happened to be driving by witnessed the attack, turned his car around and got out. That stranger is a concealed carrier who drew his firearm and ordered Thorpe to stop and get on the ground, ending the attack.

Another passing driver, former paramedic Josh Juliano, also stopped his car and started first aid. Donald suffered stab wounds to his hand, leg and abdomen.

When deputies arrived Thorpe was being held at gunpoint, still on the ground. Donald was then taken by ambulance to the hospital in stable condition.

Thorpe was charged with attempted first-degree murder, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, robbery and carrying a concealed weapon.

According to Sheriff's Deputies, the two men are heroes - "they possibly saved a man's life today".

Would you be prepared in this situation? Do you carry a first aid kit or medical supplies?

Note for grammar fans: The headline of this story on the local news is "Deputies: Good Samaritans stopped stabbing suspect". Anyone see the problem?