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Only in Alaska: Grizzly bear attempts home invasion (Alaska)

"My son was sleeping downstairs and stood up to be eye-level with a 9-foot brown bear looking at him through the dining room window," Jim Landess told reporters.

You can file this under "why the hell I won't live in Alaska".

Back on July 7th, Jim and his son woke to a 9-foot bear banging on the outside walls of his home. They were able to scare the bear off by going outside (ummm, nope) and firing a couple of shots into the air.

Because Alaska, I suppose.

Just three hours later the bear returned - that's when Jim's son woke up eye to eye with the bear through a window.

That's right, the bear came back after having gunshots fired near it.

This time Jim grabbed his .45 caliber handgun, went out on the upper deck and fired seven rounds into the bear.

"I'm not a hunter; I'm a fisherman," he told the paper. "It wasn't something I wanted to do. I wanted to scare him off."

Only in Alaska is the perpetrator a 9 foot tall, 1000+ pound bear.

I have to ask... do you train for the sudden appearance of a grizzly bear at your window?