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CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Hooded thugs ambush, knock out, and rob 78-year-old man (California)

Around 4:30 on the morning of June 24th, 78-year-old John Faust was on his way to his job as a food service equipment provider. John stopped for gas at a Shell station in San Bernadino, California.

As John finished pumping gas, he was confronted from the right by a masked, hooded thug with a gun. As John's attention focused on that thug, another approached him from behind - also armed with a gun.

John immediately surrenders and puts his hands up, but that wasn't enough for these thugs. The one who snuck up from behind suddenly swung and hit John so hard that he was knocked out and fell precipitously to the ground.

The thugs rummaged through John's pockets, stealing what they could, and fled into the night.

On the video you can see John come to while bleeding heavily. He spent four days in the hospital with a broken nose, a concussion, and bleeding on the brain.

While some have said this is a "DGU that should have been", I'm not sure a gun would have mattered in this case. As you can see in the video John is in condition white and not paying attention to his surroundings at all. The only change in outcome would have been the two thugs taking a gun off of his unconscious body.

Situational awareness is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot these days and this is an example of where paying attention to what's going on could have saved John. He could have gotten into his truck and drove off or, if he was armed, drawn the gun before it was too late to stop the attack.

As for John turning all of his attention on the first attacker, always remember the advice of our friend and resident Tactical Talk writer 338Ronin:

"Where there's one asshole, there's two."

You can see the video by clicking here.