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Road rage driver follows man home, pulls into his garage. He chose poorly. (California)

A road rage incident in Corte Madera, California yesterday morning (July 17th) ended up with a garage door closed on a car and one senior citizen shooting another in self defense.

A 71-year-old driver had a fit of road rage and began following a 69-year-old back to his residence. When the 69-year-old homeowner pulled into his garage the other driver tried to pull in behind him.

How you pull into a garage that already has a car in it, I have no idea. I did get a vision of two Smart cars and a road rage incident and it made me chuckle. But I digress.

Seeing the driver try to pull into the garage, the homeowner lowered the garage door onto the hood of the other car. That did little to de-escalate the situation.

The homeowner drew a gun and the driver ignored it.

The homeowner fired two warning shots and the driver ignored it.

The homeowner fired a few more shots, striking the driver in the legs several times. He didn't ignore that.

"We think we know what started it, but we're trying to figure out what ended it," Central Marin Police Authority chief Todd Cusimano said.

Seems pretty clear that the gunshots ended it. Or am I missing something?