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Elderly woman says 'you need to leave or I’m going to shoot you', robber does (Washington)

A would-be robber in Kelso, Washington had his plans derailed with some kind words from an 81-year-old homeowner. What were those words?

"I’ve got a gun and you need to leave or I’m going to shoot you"

Truly touching advice from an elderly woman. Almost the same thing my grandmother said to me when I was younger.

It was shortly after 1p.m. Wednesday (July 16th) when Sachiko Brown heard someone knocking on her front door. Sachiko doesn't answer the door to unexpected company (probably saves a lot of those awkward moments telling Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses that you aren't interested. Really, not interested. Really, dude). When the banging on the front door persisted, Sachiko decided to see what all the commotion was about.

That's when someone kicked in the backdoor of the home and entered. The intruder came face to face with Sachiko and she gave him that wisdom - even though she didn't have the gun in her hand at the time. The robber's response? "I'm going, I'm going".

"I was scared. We never have problems like that here. I’ve lived here 30 years and it’s a safe place," Sachiko said.

Brown's late husband told her many years ago to keep the gun in the house and to protect their home if it came to that. She's just happy the robber left and it never came to that.