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Felon says he'll come back and shoot clerk in head; Clerk's shotgun says otherwise (Michigan)

Epic Fail. A Flint, Michigan felon was kicked out of a store and told the store clerk he would come back and he would shoot the clerk in the head. Generally, that's not going to win friends and influence people.

Back on the 4th of July, convicted felon David Shawn Beamon was at Brother's Market when a store employee caught him trying to steal merchandise. Rather then press charges or call the police, the employee just escorted Beamon out.

That's when Beamon threatened the clerk and said he would be back to shoot him in the head. Two hours later Beamon stormed into the market and pulled a handgun, waving it at employees.

In a scene straight out of a movie, the clerk then drew a pump action shotgun from behind the counter and racked it.

And, just like a movie, Beamon hauled butt away from the store.

Police in the area responded to the sounds of gunfire and quickly apprehended Beamon. He was found in posession of a .38 caliber revolver and ammunition.

Beamon had previously been convicted of assault with a dangerous weapon.