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70-year-old man shot, killed after approaching family with his gun drawn (Utah)

The normally quiet town of Leeds, Utah was shocked Thursday after 70-year-old Stephen Aizenberg was shot and killed on his neighbors property.

Around 8:20p.m. Aizenberg left his home and walked to his neighbor's property armed with a handgun. Seeing their neighbor armed, the homeowner and their guests called 911. Aizenberg then raised his handgun and aimed it at the houseguests - a man and several women.

Neither the homeowner nor the guests had any idea why the senior citizen was aiming his handgun at them as there has never been any issue between the neighbors.

"Detectives have been unable to determine why Mr. Aizenberg confronted his neighbor's visitors while armed. There is no evidence of any prior confrontations or conflicts between Mr. Aizenberg, his neighbors, or their visitors," the sheriff's office stated.

Still at gunpoint and concerned for himself and the people he was with, the male guest - a retired law enforcement officer - drew his concealed handgun and shot Aizenberg multiples times.

Aizenberg was struck and killed. Despite resuscitation efforts by witnesses, police, and EMS, Aizenberg died on the scene.

Could this be the first "suicide by concealed carrier"?