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63-year-old grandmother shoots intruder in the head to defend granddaughter (Alabama)

A 63-year-old Pritchard, Alabama grandmother Phyliss Law was the target of another burglary attempt Friday night - and she was not a victim this time. When she was burglarized before the crooks got away with electronics and jewelry.

This time the only thing the thief got away with was a gunshot wound.

Home with her granddaughter when she heard someone trying to break in Phyliss said, "we heard this crackling… Like wood popping and stuff. I said oh my god. He trying to come in. So I backed up to my room and got my gun and got my extra clip."

Phyliss told her granddaughter to go hide in the closet while she took the 9mm handgun and did the mama bear thing and confronted the intruders.

Although she originally hoped the intruder would retreat, she was instead shocked to see he was familiar with the house - making Phyliss wonder if this was the robber who had targeted her before.

"Next thing I know, he hit the lights and put all the lights on and I’m saying to myself, 'This person been here before to know where all my lights at,'" Phyliss said. "This is ridiculous. He just comes strolling walking around. By the time... He was right here I saw the blue jogging basketball pants he was wearing. And when he got there I jumped up and just start shooting. I have no idea where I hit him. He fell right there on the floor there."

There was another intruder on the scene and Phyliss fired two rounds at him in the window they had entered through.

"They come in on peoples. When they coming in they coming in you don’t know what they have on them. A lot of them come in people’s house kill me take what they want and leave not here? No no they are not going to walk up in here. They did enough," she told reporters.

The second suspect was arrested around the corner. No details are being released on either intruder because they are juveniles.

Phyllis is now keeping her handgun nearby and her shotgun out and ready on the counter.