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Thief in critical condition - shot 7 times after ignoring warning shot (Nebraska)


It doesn't take a genius to know that warning shots are probably a good indicator that your criminal plan is over. Then again, no one ever accused criminals of being geniuses.

A Lincoln, Nebraska criminal proved to be all we've come to expect from years of criminal reporting.

He was in the process of stealing a car on Sunday (June 20th) when the car's owner came out and fired a warning shot. The thief ignored the shot, got out of the car and began approaching the car owner's home. Despite commands to stop, the thief kept approaching.

That's when the homeowner opened fire and struck the man with seven rounds.

"There was probably about six or seven shots. Just a measured pop, pop, pop, pop, pop," said Sean Michael O'Brien, who lives down the street.

"Just sounded like pop, pop, pop, pop. My dogs were barking, my one one dog was shaking and I thought, well, it's fireworks," said Becky Gottsleben, who lives a couple of blocks away.

Police are still investigating if any charges will be fired against the car's owner, the intruder is in critical condition at the hospital and will be placed under arrest once he is medically cleared.

What do you guys think, based on the facts we have, good shoot?