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Rodeo champion firefighter and his girlfriend grab guns, confront intruder. Only in Arizona.

An intruder broke into the home of Peoria, Arizona firefighter Matt Lucking around 1:30 Tuesday morning (July 22nd). While creeping through the hallway, the intruder knocked some things to the ground. That woke Matt's girlfriend.

"I'm like, 'oh my gosh, someone is in the house'," said Alexis Allred.

When Alexis woke Matt he rolled out of bed, grabbed the nearby shotgun, and racked the action.

"When they heard the clicking of that shotgun it was a whole other world," Matt said. "I think I scared them".

The intruder then fired a single gunshot inside the home.

Alexis grabbed the handgun from her side of the bed, got into a corner facing the door and called 911. Matt went looking for the intruder dressed in the latest in defensive gun use fashion... "shotgun, underwear and no shoes or nothing".

The intruder managed to get away with around $14 in change, a camera, and a belt buckle Matt won at a rodeo.

The couple are now installing an alarm and a camera system inside the home.