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Pistol packing intruders vs. shotgun toting homeowner - 1 intruder wounded, 1 dead (Pennsylvania)

Two Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area home invaders found out what it's like to be the ones who are outgunned when they picked the wrong house.

Pittsburgh police responded to calls of shots fired and a home invasion around 2:20 Tuesday morning (July 22nd). When officers arrived they found 27-year-old Christopher Thomas face down on the concrete and bleeding profusely from his abdomen. Next to Thomas was a handgun.

Inside the home the officers found another man, 31-year-old David Calhoun, dead just inside of an apartment.

Police say the 19-year-old resident was home with his 17-year-old girlfriend when he heard someone pounding on the door. He did not know who was at the door and told the men to leave. That's when the intruders fired a single shot through the door and forced entry.

They demanded the resident give them "his stuff". Well, ask and ye shall receive. The 19-year-old was able to get to his shotgun and fired three blasts, striking both men.

I don't think that's the stuff they were looking for.

Calhoun died instantly while Thomas managed to escape the resident and collapsed just outside. He was transported by ambulance to the hospital in critical condition. He has been charged with aggravated assault, burglary, robbery, conspiracy and carrying a firearm without a license - all felonies.

Another example of a young person with a firearm defending themselves and their loved ones.